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Evergreen Protects From Frost.
Radiant 12 Year Evergreen With SMART EDGE™ Since 1997.

When it comes to getting your greens ready earlier, Evergreen has you covered. Lab tested and golf course approved, we've been helping get golfers putting sooner for over 20 years. We've improved our Evergreen Radiant Turf Cover with the result that 25% more heat is radiated back into the turf. Each cover is supplied with pink sod staples and a storage bag.

• Each cover comes with the Evergreen SMART EDGE™ technology
Learn more about SMART EDGE™.

• Unique weave and lace coating technology increases soil temperate
by as much as 10-12 degrees F, 5 degrees C; Evergreens"Greenhouse effect on grass".

• The silver coating radiates an additional 25% heat back into the soil.

• Patented technology

• Easy installation and removal in minutes

• Lightweight one piece construction

• Silver coating specially designed to allow air, water and sunlight to penetrate

• Promotes earlier and more rapid germination

• Designed exclusively for the turf industry

• Protects turf from frost damage

• Twelve year warranty