Turf Cover advantage:
- Speed up the opening of the golf course in the spring.
- Enhance seed germination.
- Ideal daily use for frost protection.
- Stronger and earlier root development.
- Eliminates damaging winter foot and animal traffic.
- Acts as a barrier when the green is closed for the season or 'under repair'.
- Eliminates spring clean up costs.

Evergreen advantage:
- Domestic material for domestic winters.
- Manufactured in North America.
- Proven success since 1985.
- Full range of product lines, allowing wide range of choices depending on budget.
- Reduces seed loss due to birds, animals, foot/traffic equipment and erosion.
- One piece construction.
- Six stock sizes.
- Highly ultra/violet treated for long life.
- Vented for air and and water penetration.
- All three Evergreen Qualities are a a 9x4 weave, giving the maximum coverage while
allowing the maximum amount of natures elements (air and moisture) to penetrate
through the cover.
- Tighter weaves such as 10x10 and 12x12, etc reduce the flow of the natures elements
while adding unnecessary weight.
- Six in stock convenient sizes.
- Technologically advanced to prevent fraying.
- Light in weight- less 2oz per square yard.
- Capable of making any size, as long as the length or width is in increments of 10'.
- Unique coating designed to allow air, water and sunlight to penetrate.
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" I would just like to list the benefits of using the Evergreen Turf Covers here at the
ANZ Stadium. We have been using the covers here for the 2007 winter season with
great success. Key reasons for using these covers was for germinating Ryegrass seed
and keeping our soil temperatures up. They worked a treat, some distinct advantages in
using them were that they are easy to put down and take up, very light weight and you
cannot tear them, which is fantastic and means that they will last for years. There was no
sign of disease or stress on the turf at any stage, and we were able to conduct our normal
watering practices with them down in position. I just wish we had more of them"
-Mr. Graeme Logan - Manager, Ground Operations, ANZ Stadium NSW.

Evergreen SMART EDGE™ advantage
- Trim the cover for custom fit
- Every time the material is cut for a custom fit you get a new smart edge
- Capable to Slit the cover for goal posts
- Install anchoring pins anywhere on the perimeter or within the body of the cover
- Cut the cover into smaller sections for different applications
- Every cover will continue to have the SMART EDGE™ once the original cover is
trimmed to your needs. This will not change the performance or strength of the cover, EVER
- Trim the edge of the cover if needed
- Increase the longevity of the cover
- Will last longer than the warranty for other applications
- Evergreen SMART EDGE™ will not fray

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