"The Evergreen Turf Covers have assisted us on a number of projects throughout Australia.
They promote additional growth all year round, and are very easy to handle, have the ability
to be re-used and offer great protection from animal damage"
-Mr. Ashley Mead- Design Associate, Michael Clayton Golf Design, VIC.
When new (far beyond the warranty period) covers are required the old Evergreen covers can be used as sand trap liners, weed control blankets for garden areas, cart paths or repair kits.
No need to throw out.
Can be used and removed daily in regions which experience periods of frost damage.
Evergreen will get starting time earlier by eliminating frost.
Frost Control
Get back to lush conditions on greens, tees, fairways within days.
"We recently purchased one cover for some turf that needed a bit of a 'giddy-up'
to get established. the turf growth rate increased two fold, the root system mass
increased and our irrigation requirements lowered due to less evapotranspiration loss.
in addition to this, now we are looking at using the covers for frost protection, bringing turf
out of dormancy in early spring and protecting newly laid areas of turf for quicker introduction back into play.. and of course, we love the name"
-Mr. Dean Holden - CEO, Evergreen Turf, VIC.

Reduces need for temporary greens because of quick results.

New Course Construction
New seed germination within 4-5 days.
Winter Protection
Against all types of winter kill.
Golf Courses
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