"The History that supports the warranty"

All courses, regardless of budget or needs, can own the best name in covers on the market. Evergreen! With an expected life of 5 years, the Evergreen EVS comes with a 7 year warranty. All EVS covers come with galvanized sod staples and a storage bag.

• Each cover comes with the Evergreen SMART EDGE™ technology
Learn more about SMART EDGE™.

• White engineered coating reduces glare while increasing ground temperatures at the crown.

• Designed to give 3 - 7 years performance.

• Stronger and earlier root development.

• Vented to allow perfect air, water and light penetration.

• Eliminates damaging winter foot or animal traffic.

• Allows greens to open earlier.

• Eliminates spring clean up costs.

• Non-absorbing or clogging, keeps the same high performance year after year.


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Original 7 Year Evergreen With SMART EDGE™ Since 1985.