FULL FIELD- Because of Evergreens light weight, large sizes can be used for full field coverage.

- Partial coverage on smaller sections such as 40x100, 40x150, 60x100.
60x150 can be used for quick repair to the most frequently damaged areas such as
the center of the field or goal/end zone areas.
- Standard sizes for soccer, rugby and Australian Rules pitches are 60'x230' ( 21.3mx70.1m)
- The pink pegs are a huge benefit for easy retrieval
- SMART EDGE™ allows for cutting or trimming to give the custom fit.
- Works fantastic with lighting systems.
- Different qualities for different requirements.

- Quick turf repair after each game with minimal effort and cost

Evergreen has the exact product whether a short term use on a limited bases or a
multi purpose use as an ongoing part of the turf management program.

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